Happy Birthday Jo Jo and Marianne!

                                 Father John  & Sister Marianne Ridgell, Aunt Aileen and Buzzy

Two of my first cousins celebrate their birthday today – Sister Marianne (above) and Jo Jo White shown below with his wife Pat.

Even though Buzzy was one of 14 children I only had six first cousins:  Lorraine (Teefey) via Lester and Grace (see picture below;) Father John, Charles and Sister Marianne from Manny and Mary;  and Jo Jo and Leona Jane (Carper) from Yvonne and Paul White.

Unfortunately, John, Charles and Leona Jane are no longer with us but since Lorraine was just in Buzzy’s Country Store this past Saturday night from now on I’m dubbing 10 May – First Cousin Day!  If you’ve got a first cousin you haven’t touched base with in awhile give ’em a call and wish them Happy First Cousin Day!

Mrs. Teefey, Lester, Teefey, Lorraine and Grace – 1959 Lorraine & Teefey’s Wedding Day

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