Mixed Emotions About Ireland

Ireland was the last overseas trip that Buzzy and I made and it was probably the most scenic and beautiful of the many countries we visited. I went thru more film on this trip than I did on any other and shot numerous pictures of rolling, green fields, waterside vistas and yes a couple of some shapely Irish lassies (picture below.)

Buzzy was starting to slow down some and had finally begun to use a cane. However, he still wouldn’t allow himself to be photographed with it. Hence he’s seen here leaning on the Blarney Castle signpost and if you look closely at the picture of us at the Cliffs Of Moher you’ll see me holding the cane against
the railing.

Actually this photo (left)  was taken in Derry located in Northern Ireland and the site  where Bloody Sunday occurred in 1972.  That England’s Prime Minister apologized the other day for their role in the killing of 13 Northern Ireland citizens on Bloody Sunday made me think of this trip.

When we were in Derry, our tour guide guide gave us a detailed explanation of how the whole Northern Ireland business known as “The Troubles” came to be.  He noted that as bad as Bloody Sunday was, it did become the impetus to compel both sides to sit down, say enough is enough and agree to a cease fire in their hostilities.  Hopefully, this recent apology by the Prime Minister is another step in the ongoing reconciliation.  To read more about this click here.

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