Some Feat – Swim the River, Overcome Car Problems AND Survive Buzzy’s!

Last Saturday at Pt. Lookout the annual Swim the River event took place click here.   One of the participants was Tripp Bradd from Front Royal, Virginia. He successfully completed the 7.5 mile swim but as he and his wife proceeded to drive north from the Point they experienced car troubles and pulled into Buzzy’s Country Store.

Turns out their alternator had stopped working. Buzzy’s Four O’clock Club was in full swing at the time and weighed in accordingly with advice, consolation, drink offers etc. In particular, Ned Pratt and David “Clutch” Raley assisted them with the diagnosis. (Clutch even offered to let them stay the night in his RV.)  Eventually, a tow truck came and they left with their disabled vehicle to spend the night in Lexington Park.

Yesterday I received a nice thank you letter from Tripp and want to pass it along:
click here (Note that Ridge Fire Department is one of the local organizations that benefits from this swim.)
Also, Tripp mentions in his letter a website that contains a lot of good info on the River/Bay swims click here for video

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