World Cup

Buzzy Atop Table Mountain Overlooking Capetown, South Africa – October 1999

I remember Buzzy telling me that after he visited a country or a State he always enjoyed keeping an eye on the news for events and stories happening where he had been. I find myself doing the same with the World Cup starting today in South Africa bringing back memories of the trip he and I made there in 1999.

At 21 days, it was our longest trip away from home and involved mostly riding a bus around and through all of South Africa which is roughly twice the size of Texas.  We saw all of South Africa and even managed to do a side trip to Zimbabwe to check out Victoria Falls (picture below) which was awesome. 

Another hi lite of the trip involved us riding along the southern coast along their “Garden Route.”  Whenever we did these bus tours Buzzy and I would usually camp out in the back of the bus where you can spread out and relax some.  However, on this particular trip they wouldn’t let us stay in the back and made everyone do this daily rotating seat thing where you moved either forward or back depending on which side of the bus you were on.  This was done to ensure everyone had a chance at sitting in the front of the bus.  The irony is that while neither Buzzy nor I cared about sitting in the front seat, it eventuated that our turn at sitting in the front  coincided with the day we motored down the Garden Route.  (See the things I get  lucky at?!  Better that than no luck I suppose!)  The Garden Route was as beautiful as advertised and featured miles and miles of lush vegetation and scenic water views. click here

Another memory of this trip is one I’ve previously discussed:  Buzzy turned 75 and we celebrated his birthday at Kruger Park where wildlife runs about freely as you drive through.  Details  click here.

You Know You Are Not in Southern Maryland Anymore When You See Road Signs Like This

So back to the World Cup.  Video below shows soccer stadiums around South Africa where the Cup will take place.  (Look in the background of the one for Capetown and you’ll see Table Mountain.)  While I recognize most of the cities the stadiums are located in, few of the stadiums were there in 1999; the majority of them have only recently been constructed. Of course neither Buzzy nor I were ever big soccer fans.  I’m sure his opinion would mirror mine about all the money wasted/spent on these stadiums when so many of the South African people live in such  poverty. But that’s another story!  Today let the games begin.

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