Things My Dad Really Did Say

After my post the other day about Sh*t My Dad Says (click here) a couple folks commented to me about things Buzzy would say. “Pay me” seemed to be one that he said a lot to them. Here are some other “Buzzyisms” I recall:

On political campaigns:
“You will never get ahead of someone if you’re always behind them kicking them in the ass.”

On dealing with people:
“It’s a lot easier dealing with people who have money than it is dealing with those who don’t.”

On recognizing folks:
“People like it when you know their name.” (This was in response to my question about why he kept a cheat sheet attached to the chimney behind the counter with folks’ names on it. He would have 3 elements on the list – an identifying trait, something personal about the person and then their name. So if a red faced guy from Aberdeen came in and asked Buzzy how he was doing, Buzzy would glance at the list and see “Red face, Aberdeen, Bill” and respond “Hey Bill, how’s things in Aberdeen.” The guy would be pleased that Buzzy remembered him. Buzzy said “After 2 or 3 times I know them anyway. But people do like it when you remember their name.”)

On making money:
“I’m like the Federal Government: I’ve been in business a long time and I’ve lost money every year.”

On handling adversity:
“A country boy will survive.”

On people with a high sense of self-importance:
“Wish I could buy him for what he’s worth and then sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.”

On being thrifty:
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” (Trust me on this one it was said a lot!)

On why we didn’t assassinate Fidel Castro:
“Even though Queenie Willis is a pain in the ass doesn’t mean we can just go and kill her.”

On partying at Buzzy’s Country Store:
“Every night is Saturday night and every Saturday night is New Year’s Eve.”

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