First Day of School 1957/2010

Easily entertained, I always enjoy being out seeing all the parents, grandparents and kids waiting to catch the bus on the first day of school.  New clothes, new shoes, new book bags, and every one’s happy and upbeat.  The rest of the school year may be nothing but churn and burn but the first day is always fun.  

Yesterday I witnessed my Grandson Shawn and his older sister Gracie catch the bus for the first time this school year.  (Their younger sister Lily will go next year.) 

The memory of first day of school sent me to the old photo album where I dug out this picture my Mom took of me awaiting the bus in front of Buzzy’s Country Store on my first day of school in 1957.  (Note on the sign it was still C.H. Ridgell’s vs. Buzzy’s.)  The main difference between Shawn and me however, this really was my first day of school ever!  Shawn on the other hand has done a year in St. Michael’s pre-k pre-K, a year last year at Piney Point’s pre-K and now this year he’s in Kindergarten.  By the time he hits first grade next year as I was doing here below he will have had 3 years lodged under his school belt!

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