Carport to Bay Forest

Last January one of the beer delivery trucks brushed up against the carport located adjacent Buzzy’s Country Store. Since the carport actually belongs to a company called New Mart that sells and installs these type structures, I let the beer distributor negotiate with them on how they wanted to handle the replacement of it.

However, when the company’s replacement estimate included a $300 charge to remove the old one, I suggested that the removal fee be waived if we could find a way to get rid of the old one prior to them  installing the new one.  They agreed.

Capt. Jimmy Cullison to the rescue. Yesterday Jimmy and his son Greg rolled in with their tractor and low boy and rolled out with the carport.

Regarding installation of the new one however, I like that side of the Store being open without a carport there, so I’m looking at other places to site the replacement unit.   

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