A Good Day is When We Don’t Lose Any Ground

Marlo Thomas has written a couple books about “The Right Words at the Right Time” in which people discuss something that someone said to them that stayed with them click here,

 The other day I had lunch with my Mom and Judy Raley who described something her Dad Mr. Mueller said to her when she was a young girl working in the tobacco field:  “Drink your water when you get to the end of your row.”  Judy said she had always kept that thought in mind as a way of  focusing on what work needed to be done first before  later relaxing.    

I can think of many “right words at the right time“ several of which are Buzzy-generated, but when it comes to work, I always think of something my buddy Dave Carlson once told me when I had just started a new job with him as my boss.  Dave explained our job  as being like that of Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill. “A good day is when we don’t lose any ground.    A great day is when we can advance the rock up the hill any distance at all.” 

That image has always stayed with me as a way of trying to get a little done every day!  And at worst – not lose any ground at all!  Thanks Dave!

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