S.H.I.T (Sure Happy It’s Thursday)

Updates on some previous Buzzy blog items:
1) Scotland Post Office move click here. Have not yet heard anything from the USPS re: my proposal to relocate the Post Office. As my wife Pam says however, “You’re dealing with the Government. If their lease expires in January you won’t hear from them until December – at the earliest.”

2) Thumbs up thumbs down trick click here.  Solution provided as follows click here and scroll down to comments.

3) Colorized version of Gordonton, N.C. Country Store click here.
I had previously posted the black and white version of this picture. Now, without invoking any racial “overtones” so to speak, here is the “colorized” version of that shot. (Note that it doesn’t really add much other than some red to the Coke signs and the gas tanks and a little blue here and there.   I still prefer the b&w version!)

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