Buzzy Synchronicity

Someone phoned me awhile ago and complimented me on the back-to-back Gerry C posts here in the Buzzy blog.  She said she checks the Buzzy blog out at work each day and on Monday mornings catches up with the Saturday and Sunday posts.  Having read both posts, she just wanted to let me know that she thought it was very clever to have done the Gerry Carroll and Gerry C references back to back. 

However, as much as I’d like to take credit for being so “clever,” the truth of the matter is I didn’t plan it at all – at least not in a conscious kind of way.  The Gerry Carroll idea sprung from my reading the 3:17 am blogsite on authors’ photos and the Jimmy pictures just sort of happened.   (For those of you who don’t know, Jimmy’s boat the Gerry C is named after his Mom Geraldine Cullison.) 

So in an attempt to explain how this all happened I’ll coin a new phrase here and call it Buzzy Synchronicity with the proviso it not be called B.S. for short!  (If you’d like additional info on the real deal synchronicity concept click here.)

Makes me think of the two Police songs Synchronicity I and Synchronicity II.  I like the first a little better and that’s included below.  But to cover both bases here’s a “clever” video version of Synchronicity II  click here.=related

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