Giving Buzzy Credit Where Credit is Due

This past Sunday a nice couple who’ve been married 52 years came into Buzzy’s Country Store having driven down for the day from Aberdeen.  They wanted to know how Buzzy was doing and were sadden to hear that he is now at the Country Store in the Sky.  
They reminisced awhile and talked about their camping days at Pt. Lookout with their four children and how Buzzy was always so nice to them.  They recalled how Buzzy would let them buy groceries and camping supplies and charge it to their Texaco gas credit card as a gas purchase.  (Back then Buzzy sold gas and had one of the old manual swipe credit card machines for gas purchases.)  The couple said that with the four kids and their trying to make ends meet they were always appreciative that Buzzy would let them use the credit card that way.

I now have a credit card terminal for all purchases in the Store but pay a fee on each transaction processed.  I have to smile at the irony that Buzzy had figured out back then how to take a credit card for purchases, not pay any fees at all and still do the sale for his customers!

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