Brady Turns 21 – Back in 1999

My post the other day about Bubba Cullison (click here) turning 21 and having his first  beer at Buzzy’s sent me to my files to look for some pictures of my son Brady having his first beer at Buzzy’s.

It was 25 August 1999 and Brady got the full Buzzy treatment complete with an alliterative sign exhorting him to buy the boys beer and booze.  Brady’s buddy and former boss Ernie Pfeiff was also on hand to congratulate Brady.

Brady’s Grandmother, my Mom Jean was also here and she baked a cake for the occasion.  (This is why Buzzy and Jean were a good team – Buzzy ensured enough booze was on hand, while Mom made sure there was a cake with candles on it to commemorate the event.)

Buzzy looks on as Brady blows out his 21 candles.  I’m sure that in his own way Buzzy was impressed by it all though you can’t tell it by looking at him here.  Then again he may have just viewed it as something that kept him from finishing reading the newspaper he always had spread out on the counter.

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