Marshall Ludlow

Standing behind the counter in Buzzy’s Country Store you see and hear a number of things – most good but sometimes bad. This past week I’ve noticed a common reaction as word of Marshall Ludlow’s death has been disseminated. When the news of his passing is revealed to someone who hasn’t yet heard it, the receipient of the news will shake his/her head and say something to the effect “That ain’t right.” My reaction was the Jimmy Carter quote “Life isn’t fair.” (Or in this case maybe it should be “Death isn’t fair.”)

Marshall and his wife Mary had recently finished building and had moved into their dream home at the end of St. Jerome’s Neck Road.  Duncan Leper was the main contractor on the job and Winkie and all of Duncan’s crew enjoyed working on the house for and with Marshall. Marshall was also very gracious about allowing people to drop in during construction to take the tour of the ongoing construction and I was fortunate to have done so a couple of times.

Marshall was involved in a car accident a couple weeks back when another driver turned into his lane. Marshall sustained several injuries and was being treated in a couple of different hospitals before pneumonia set in and he passed away.  His obituary and arrangements are reprinted as follows click here.

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