Construction Humor

Hear a lot of construction stories told (and re-told) at Buzzy’s Country Store.  Here’s a joke along those lines:

Once there was 5 year old girl who lived with her family next to an empty lot. One day, a construction crew moved onto the empty lot and started building a new house. The little girl was fascinated by the commotion, and watched the work closely. Soon, she was wandering over to observe and talk with the construction workers.
The construction workers, who were “gems in the rough” kind of guys, took a shine to the charming and cute little girl and adopted her as a mascot. They got her tiny workboots and hardhat, and found small jobs for her to do so that she could be one of the crew. She even ate her lunch with them and had her snacks while they had their coffee breaks.
Her best moment was when they gave the little girl her very own paycheck. They told her that since she had worked with them, she deserved her own paycheck. She was thrilled that she had earned twenty dollars of her very own.
Her proud mother took the girl down to the bank so that she could open her own bank account using her twenty dollars.
“Your very own paycheck!” the teller said to the little girl, “How wonderful! How did you get this?”
The little girl breathlessly told the teller how she had earned it helping to build the house next door. The teller was charmed by the delightful girl’s tale.
“How charming!” the teller exclaimed, “and will you be helping to build the house next week too?”
“I will if those sons-a-bitches at Home Depot get off their asses and deliver some goddamn drywall that’s worth a shit!”

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