Judge Clarke Raley

John Wayne Raley was in Buzzy’s Country Store last night and when I asked him about the article on his brother Clarke retiring he said he hadn’t seen it click here .  Told him I’d forward it to him.

Shawn and Bruno Chillin on My Pier

Reminded me of when Clarke was my settlement attorney for the purchase of my home here in Piney Point back in 1979. On the day of the settlement I was having second thoughts about it and was worrying that I was going to be able to afford it. As we sat around waiting, I confided my doubts to Clarke who said, “J.Scott, you’re having what they call “buyers’ remorse.” Just remember though you’re buying waterfront property and they’re not making anymore of it. So get it while you can.  Now let’s go sign the paperwork”  Which we did and I’m forever grateful.

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