A. Aubrey Bodine

Oyster Tonger – A. Aubrey Bodine, Balto. Sun Newspaper

A visitor in Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday mentioned that his last name was Bodine.  It sounded familiar and I thought at first that I had been to school with a Bodine.  While I’m still not sure that I did or did not have a classmate named Bodine, I do remember always admiring the photo’s of A. Aubrey Bodine in the Baltimore Sun click here Bodine.

There is also a nice website about Mr. Bodine and his work as a photojournalist click here. In particular, check out his Chesapeake Bay photographs such as the one to the left.  

Above is Bodine’s picture of Maggie’s General Store in Crisfield titled “Checker’s Game.”  Of course it reminds me of the Mary Lou Troutman painting showing Buzzy and Jonesy Norris on the front porch playing checkers.  Fact is Buzzy and Jonesy never played checkers on the front porch.  They may have been playing cards but checkers no!

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