Waterfront Access

Good editorial in this past Friday’s Enterprise discussing public access to waterfront here in the County click here. When it comes to public funding of “free” things I tend to favor user fees and charging folks to use our County’s waterfront parks would seem like an appropriate thing to do. (Pt. Lookout State Park has been charging users for several years now.)
However, it does seem kind of sad that with over 400 miles of waterfront in the County we have such a shortage of public access that we are now going to charge for it. Here’s a suggestion – why not have the Navy open up its access to all the waterfront they control at Pax and across the bridge at the Solomon’s Rec Center and let folks use that on the  weekends? These areas are underutilized and last I checked they are still being funded by our taxpayer dollars.   It’s a non-starter idea I know but then again the Navy has some of the most primo waterfront in the County and how many of you have ever set foot on it or used it in any way?

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