My Girl’s OK

Several folks have emailed and/or called me expressing their concerns for my daughter Ryan and the tsunami threat to Hawaii.  I’m very glad to report that she is ok.

I just got off the phone with her and she is fine albeit a little tired from having been up all night.  She said the sirens sounded around 2 a.m. waking her up.  She then vacated her house which is not officially in the flood zone but she wasn’t taking any chances.  

Ryan said she rode up to the Diamond Head overlook where it was a pretty wild scene with loads of people up there camped out in their cars, milling around watching and waiting.  

After waiting around until daybreak she then went to a friend’s home up in the hills.  Last I talked to her, she was heading back to her house to get a good night’s rest. 

Earlier this morning as I watched the scenes, or make that the scene, from Honolulu, just about the only shot that the T-V folks had was the one looking out at the statue of Duke there on Waikiki Beach.  It sure looked a lot different from the shots taken of Ryan and yours truly at that same spot a couple years back.  Of course it wasn’t the middle of the night with a tsunami coming back then either!

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