RoDo Beach

A recent newspaper article discussed how neighbors in a Chicago suburb can not agree upon the need for  sidewalks in front of their homes click here for story.  The article mentioned tension between those residents who want the sidewalk versus those who do not.  
All of this reminded me of a conversation I had with Sharon and Brian Barnhill just the other day about RoDo Beach and how its residents do or don’t get along.   

Even though RoDo Beach is a very small community on the Chesapeake Bay just south of Buzzy’s Country Store, they have two homeowners’ associations. The membership of the two associations believe it or not breaks along north vs. south boundaries. (There’s that great divide again!) 
The Popular Neck Association is the southern organization and the RoDo Beach Association is the northern one.  Sharon and Brian are members of the Popular Neck Association.  Sharon told me that every year one their top agenda items is to look into merging with the other association; however they never do.  
Past controversies in RoDo Beach have centered on whether or not the County should create a special tax district for RoDo beach residents and take over the maintenance of the two roads in their community  (click here, go to pg.11.) This has been  somewhat contentious as RoDo Beach home and property owners can not agree on the issue.  As a result, the roads continue to be maintained by RoDo Beach residents and are not part of the County’s system.  All of which is merely an excuse for me to include the following Beatles video:

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