Patty Dorsch

Listening to the title song on Gary Rue’s “American to Me” CD (click here) I immediately recognized the voice of backup vocalist Patty Dorsch. Then just yesterday my daughter Reagan forwarded me Patty’s song about the County titled “Smibville, USA.”  (For my non-County readers, SMIB is a term of quasi-endearment that stands for Southern Maryland In Bred. I’m not particularly fond of the expression but then again I may be like that guy who objects to something by saying “Wait a minute, I resemble that remark!”)

Patty (r) and Six Pack to Go

Patty and her Six Pack to Go band played at Buzzy’s 50th Anniversary party back in 2003 (right.)  She is currently performing along with Carl Reichelt as a duo called Upstroke. For their website click here.
To hear Patty’s Smibville, USA in which she mentions “going down to Buzzy’s Store” at the 2:43 mark:  click here, Sound Samples from Perfectly Crazy, Track 6.

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