Saturday Afternoon at Buzzy’s

Joyce Kirsch, Mary Lou Cullison & Jim Gray
Warren Burke on Coke Case, Jimmy Cullison at Counter
Ned Pratt, J.W. Raley, Duncan Leper

Don’t know if it was the weather, the fact that February was about over or what but last Saturday afternoon at Buzzy’s was quite a party.  Pat Birmingham snapped these photo’s of some of the folks who just happened to roll into their favorite Country Store to socialize, relax a bit and yes of course to have a drink or two!

Marsha Raley, Pat Stover & Coach

Seemed like someone must have proclaimed it “couples day” because several duo’s dropped in.  Jack and Joyce Kirsch drove down for the day from D.C.  (Jack joked that he was driving a new SUV – the one with a gray interior!)  Also present were Linda and Pat Stover, Pam and Pat Birmingham, Marsha and David Raley, Mary Lou and Jimmy Cullison, B.J. and Jim Gray, Ned Pratt and Deb Barnaby. Should have been Valentine’s Day!  

Coach Jack Kirsch & Me (Leaning to the Right)

(My thanks to Pat Birmingham for taking and sending me these photo’s.)

P.S.  Since Coach is always teasing me about my politics, I am glad that Pat took this picture of the two of us leaning like we are!

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