Buzzy’s Is Open

Talk of the government shutting down got me thinking about the following:  Buzzy began operating the Store in 1953 and ran it for approximately 55 years until I purchased it from him.  Through those years, he would close the Store one day a year at Christmas but was open for the other 364 days.  (Even when the Store caught fire in the middle of the night and almost burned down in 1983 he was open the next day.)  He closed the Store for the funerals of his mother and father and my Grandfather Harry Raley from whom he purchased the Store, but that was it.  
Thus, for the 50-plus years that he ran the Store, it was closed for less than 2 months.  In 2007 then, after I purchased the Store from him, and I closed it on Thanksgiving Day, someone teased me that I had  already doubled the number of days a year that Buzzy had ever been closed! 

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