Buzzy Visitors

Nova Scotia

Couple Sundays back a lady named Cathy came into Buzzy’s Country Store and commented that she had recently  returned to the County after having been away awhile.  She noted that it was good to see that Buzzy’s,  unlike the rest of the area, was still the same as it was when she had left.  We chatted and I learned that Cathy had lived in different areas of the U.S. and that she had recently visited Nova Scotia.  Being of Scottish ancestry she was taken with how much she felt right at home in Nova Scotia and how much she looked like many of the blond and blue eyed residents she had met there.  She loved Nova Scotia and looked forward to re-visiting it. 
Cathy left Buzzy’s and a few minutes later another lady, Judy came into the Store.  In talking to her I learned that she too had traveled around the U.S. quite a bit and guess where she was from originally?  Yep, Nova Scotia.  I couldn’t believe it.  Judy discussed how it had taken her several years to obtain her green card/citizenship and how she is now living in Northern Virginia.  She had seen a write up in the magazine Coastal Living describing Courtney’s Restaurant as being one of America’s Best Seafood Dives and had driven down to check it out.  (Drove to check out a dive, sounds like it could be a country music song doesn’t it.  Can Guy Fieri be far behind?)  To see the Coastal Living article on Courtney’s  click here.)

This past weekend, a group of folks came in and informed me that their grandfather was Kenny Powell who was a good friend of Buzzy. I pulled up the following picture of their Grandfather and young Kenny when they re-coated the parking lot. For related post on this click here.

Kenny Powell, Dick, Melvin and Polock Watching Young Kenny Powell at Work

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