Chuck Berry

On 21 May,  1955, Chuck Berry recorded Maybellene  click here.     I saw Chuck perform in 1969 at Frostburg State College when I went there my first year in college.  Chuck played at our homecoming party and I remember having a lousy seat way up in the upper balcony of the theater when the concert started.  However, immediately after Chuck performed and pantomimed his way through “My Ding-a-Ling,” several offended folks in the lower, better seats got up and left.  I was able to scoot down and take one of their seats.  I got the full on Johnny B Goode, duck walking Chuck experience and enjoyed every minute of it.  Maybe one of my best concert experiences ever.
To see what Chuck is up to today at age 84 click here.  Also check out Bruce below talking about backing Chuck up at a concert that took place in Cole Field House.  (I believe this is an excerpt from the movie “Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll” which documents  Keith Richards’ efforts to collaborate with Chuck and provide him a backup band that actually rehearsed some before Chuck hit the stage with them.)

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