Dallas Hill, Hill’s Country Store

Dallas Hill paid me a visit yesterday in Buzzy’s Country Store and gave me a Hill’s Country Store hat to add to the Buzzy collection.  Dallas has been by a couple of times and on his last visit to help celebrate John Bohanan’s birthday he noted that we did not have a Hill’s Country Store hat in our collection.  As you can see here in this picture taken by my step daughter Jennifer,  Buzzy’s now has a hat.
Dallas and his folks ran the store in downtown Helen for 65 years.  His parents originally purchased it from Willie Morgan in 1939.  Dallas grew up in the store and then operated it for 35 years after taking it over from his mother in 1969.  Next time you are in the Helen area check out the Store and the Veterans Memorial.  Dallas donated the land for the Memorial 25 years ago and has helped out to maintain it ever since.  You can also drop in the Store, but as Dallas cautions, the current owner’s English is not too good.

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