Hucks and Buzzy’s

John Carbone asked me if I had ever thought about converting Buzzy’s back to a full up general store the way it used to be.  While I admit that I have thought about it, I’m still in a go slow mode about doing anything too radical change-wise in Buzzy’s.  As I tell people, the good news is that I have a 54 year paradigm set in place by Buzzy that serves as my guide; the bad news is, I have a 54 year old paradigm set in place by Buzzy that sort of locks me in.  
 With all that in mind, check out Huck’s General Store located in Blue Ridge, Georgia click here. (To visit a local store here in the County that still functions as a one stop general store for all your needs, check out Dent’s Store in Tall Timbers click here.)

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