I’ve never killed a man, but I’ve read many an obituary with a great deal of satisfaction.

Cartoon by Steve Bell – The Guardian

Mark Twain said it well (above) but I think I like  Herbie McKay’s take a little more, “We finally got that human turd.”  The mood in Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday was upbeat with everyone celebrating We Got Osama Day.  As a radio commentator said, “It’s like the entire USA has just won the World series.”  I went to lunch at  Courtney’s and even Tommy was upbeat, or about as upbeat as Tommy can get.  (Fact is though, Tommy mixes seriousness, sarcasm, and smart assery so well that I’m never really sure what his take is on an issue.)  
Later in the evening John Wayne Raley rolled into the Store.  John,  who is not prone to saying anything favorable about Obama, the left, nor the Democrats in general, surprised me when he said,  “I got to give Obama credit.  He ordered it, it worked and now we got some respect back in the World from these dirtbags.  Just goes to show that we need to do this more often.”  
Other good comments I heard were:  “So we can kill ’em, but we can’t waterboard ’em.” “Donald Trump wants to see bin Laden’s death certificate.”  (Whole new conspiracy group is emerging known as the “deathers.”  Must confess though, I’d kind of like to see some photographs or videos myself.  The following will have to do for now.  Warning – it’s a little gross but I’m pretty sure that John Wayne would approve of it!)

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