Triangle Rods & Custom Car Club

Butch, Melvin’s Coat and Plaque

In the early 60’s there was a Ridge car club called the Triangle Rods & Custom Car Club.  With approximately 30-40 members, the Club had jackets and plaques.  Shown here is one of the jackets that used to belong to Melvin Yost and is now owned by Butch Wood.   Also shown below is Butch’s plaque which my daughter-in-law Molly has re-painted.  According to John Wayne Raley, who started me on this search for the plaque, it was designed by his brother Clarke.  When I mentioned to Capt. Jimmy Cullison that I was looking for one of the plaques to display in the Store, he phoned Butch Wood.  Not 15 minutes later, Butch rolled into Buzzy’s with not only a plaque but also one of the original jackets.  (Melvin had tossed it out and Butch had retrieved it some years ago.)
Interesting story re: the coupe on the plaque.  The model for the coupe belonged to Bobby Cook’s father Cookie and his was a yellow coupe.  Eric Merritt has since used the yellow coupe as part of his logo for the Ridge Service Center.  When you drive by Ridge Service Center you’ll see it above the front door.  However, on the original plaques, as you see below, the coupe was red.  There is talk of re-forming the car club and if so you may just see some of these plaques and jackets back in circulation.

On Display at Buzzy’s Country Store


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