Jump the Shark

If you are not familiar with the saying that something or someone has jumped the shark
click here. (The Fonzie clip that inspired the saying is provided below.)

For a T-V show then, jumping the shark is usually not a good thing. However, here is something I stumbled upon recently suggesting that sometimes in your personal life it is a good thing for you to jump the shark.  Here is an excerpt:

Jumping the shark is all about shaking things up — really reaching and exploring all the possibilities. What’s the craziest thing you can think of? If you could do anything, what would it be? What’s something you’d like to try but seems way out of character for you?

(For the complete quote click here and scroll to Number 2.)

While I’ve had several jump the shark events in my life, year 2007 still remains the mother lode of such  moments for me. Not only did I retire from my good government job, and marry Pam at the first of 2007, but also just to top it all off, I bought the Store from Buzzy later on in that year.  Lots of changes to undergo all in one year but looking back am glad I did them all.
That said however, while I still have some other jump-the-shark or bucket list things to do, the following is definitely not one of them. In lieu of jumping the shark, maybe this boy should have been dumping the shark.  Watch – ..

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