Ruth, Buzzy and Doc

“Today in History’s” lead discussion talks about the 13 July 1955 hanging of Ruth Ellis in London (click here.)  Ruth was the last woman to be executed in England. 
It made me recall a walking tour called The Old Hampstead Pub Tour that Buzzy and I took in London  several years ago and our tour guide talked about the Ruth Ellis case  click here.  (I’m not sure if we walked near her home or if the site of the murder, the Club Magdala, was part of the tour, but her name came up.)  As the guide told Ruth’s story about how she had shot her boyfriend,  Buzzy said he recalled reading that there was  some speculation that she did not do it.  I remember saying to him that she must have had some bad lawyers then for them to have hanged her if she was so innocent.

I have not thought about any of this until today so it made me google Ruth Ellis.  Sure enough Buzzy was right, as there is a website saying that Ruth was innocent and that she was setup click here. I’d pursue the matter more if I were inclined to do so; but to tell the truth I’m more interested in finding out the truth about whether or not Doc Ellis pitched his no hitter while on acid click here.

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