Still Can’t Believe that Bing’s Daughter Did It!

Heard an old song by Firefall recently that sent me to the Youtube videos and found the one below featuring photo’s of Linda Gray aka Sue Ellen.  Didn’t think much of it until I saw this note yesterday that the T-V series Dallas is coming back with some of the original cast including Linda. For more info click here.
I remember having to take wedding photo’s for a couple who got married on that Friday night 21 November 1980 when the Dallas episode would reveal who shot Jr.  (click here for Who Shot JR info.)  In his homily/remarks to the wedding attendees, the priest thanked everyone for attending the wedding and for their willingness to miss Dallas in order to do so.  At the church hall reception afterwards, I remember Jerry Burch of the Wanderers teasing the audience about “Who Shot JR” and then introducing songs wondering if it was “Elvira” or asking if JR may have had “A Little Change in His Pocket” when he was shot. 

Later on when Jerry did announce to the reception attendees that it was Kristin who shot JR, the word buzzed throughout the hall as everyone excitedly discussed it.  Quite the scene I must say.  (Also, it kind of torqued me off some that Jerry announced who it was because I had programmed my VCR to record and watch it when I got back home later.) 

Funny or scary footnote to this memory however: while I remember very clearly all of this JR intrigue business that went on that evening of the wedding, I can not recall for the life of me whose wedding it was.   If any of you know or recall a couple who got married at Our Lady of the Wayside Church in Chaptico on a Friday evening in 1980 please let me know!

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