This Old Barn

They tore down McCoy’s old barn the other day.  All that’s left of it now is this pile of rubble.  An old cherry tree adjacent to the barn was also cut down.
I walk Bruno each afternoon around the McCoy property behind Buzzy’s Country Store and when I first noticed that the old barn was no longer standing, I was a little saddened to see it in a pile.  Unused, collapsing and overgrown with brush, the old barn had been in bad shape for some years, so I guess it’s been put out of its misery so to speak.  
Did remind me of a conversation that Buzzy and I had a few years back when I was driving him somewhere and saw an old barn that had recently been fixed up.  He commented on how it must have been one of the barns covered by the Maryland Grant program to rehab them with funding from the tobacco buy out.  I remember saying something to the effect that that seemed like a waste of money to which Buzzy said, “Probably is.  But when all those old barns are gone they won’t be coming back, so maybe it’s not a bad idea to try and save some of them.”
Here is a good web site that describes the Maryland grant efforts as well as includes several before and after rehab barn pictures such as the ones shown here: click here 

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