Sue and Bill Logorda

Thanks to Sue and Bill Logorda (left) Buzzy’s Country Store hat collection now has a Penn State hat.  (Note in picture below that I have enshrined the hat adjacent to those other two football powerhouses Great Mills and OSU.)

Sue and Bill are from Bethlehem, Pa. and were in the store yesterday after having been down to Pt. Lookout.  They were trying to continue their road trip over to Virgina to meet up with some friends and had hoped to catch the ferry shown on their map.  (I’ve previously mentioned how this happens a couple times a year where folks come in asking about the non-existent ferry at Pt. Lookout  click here.)  

But I enjoyed meeting and talking with Sue and Bill who are not only season ticket holder Penn State fans but also have been around the country to many other stadiums.  They gave me details on meeting up with them and possibly attending a Penn State football game.  May just have to roll up there some weekend this fall and check those Nittany Lions out.  Sue, Bill thanks for dropping in. 

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