Karl Hanson, Jimmy Roach Pt. 2

I posted something on Karl Hanson and Jimmy Roach the other day click here. Since then I have heard from Karl who sent me the following picture of himself (below) and too I found another picture of Jimmy (also below.)  Not sure that Karl will want to continue being linked with Jimmy but truth be told I hate wasting an entire post on just Jimmy. 
Although I refrained from saying anything negative about Jimmy in my previous discussion of him and how RoDo Beach was named after him, I’ll continue to try and be nice here by simply saying that Jimmy was the biggest Adam Henry I’ve ever met.  Buzzy used to say that the only time he was glad to see Jimmy come into the Store was when he (Buzzy) wanted everyone to leave so he could close up shop. Once Jimmy arrived, within five minutes of his drunken tirades and dissertations he would clear the place out of whomever was standing around and thereby make it easy for Buzzy to close up. 
Because I only caught Jimmy’s act when he was on a drunk (and actually so was I back then) it may be a little unfair for me to bad mouth him too much. J. Frank Raley Sr., my Grandfather Harry Raley and Bart Mettam’s dad Bill, used to hang out and travel with Jimmy, so I guess he must have had some redeeming qualities that he kept well hidden or only showed when he was sober.  
But to us younger guys, Jimmy was so aggravating that someone, obviously tired of his act, once fired a shot through the front window of his house.  (I was away in the Army at the time and can’t claim any credit on that one but I sure heard all about it.)  After that incident, Jimmy didn’t hang out so much.  While he may have been obnoxious and overbearing, he was not stupid. 

Careful Karl You’re Looking More Like Jimmy Every Day
Jimmy – Couldn’t  Smile Even with a Pretty Lady Hugging Him

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