Bikers and Baby Rattlers

Some bikers from Pasadena, Maryland made their way into Buzzy’s Country Store Saturday afternoon.  They had a few beers, checked things out and had a good time mingling with the Four O’clock Club.   
When a couple of them saw the Buzzy box labeled “Danger Baby Rattlers” they slowly slide the top back to look inside.  As they were about to look inside the box, one of the Four O’clock Clubbers slammed the counter top with his hand and startled them.  They then laughed when they saw the contents of the box (right.)  Buzzy concocted this little item years ago and it was only recently that I found it in a corner back in the storage area. Someone was in a year or so ago asking about it and told how she remembered it as a kid when she had visited the Store.  Hope she comes back now that the rattlers are back on the “front line” doing that redneck humor thing for us.

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