Fenwick House

When I was looking for a picture to accompany my previous post on old houses, I started to use the above picture of the Fenwick House located in Leonardtown.  I found this photo on a Maryland Historic Trust site (click here) which gives a good history of the Fenwick House.   
However, when Dickie Trossbach came into Buzzy’s Country Store one afternoon and we got to talking about his place and the farm etc., I asked him if I could take some photo’s of his old home place.  Thus, I used Dickie’s home in the post  (click here.)
Then yesterday I was in Leonardtown and decided to check out the Fenwick House.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well preserved and nice the Fenwick House appears today compared to the old picture of it above.  Maybe some old houses, like people, just age better than others do.  

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