Home Grown Market & Charlies Restaurant

Home Grown Farm Market, LLC and the Board of County Commissioners for St. Mary’s County will commence the Grand Opening of the Home Grown Farm Market located just below Gate 3 today from 11:00 am until noon.  

After hitting that little grip and grin event, you can then check out Charlie’s Restaurant which recently re-opened very quietly.  Charlie, who has opened a few restaurants in his time, knows that as soon as a new restaurant opens, everyone in the County is going to beat a path there.  (Remember when Arthur Treacher’s opened a few years back and folks were backed up on Great Mills Road to eat there?  Arthur Freaking Treachers!  Come on people.)  Anyway, Charlies is worth the visit.  And while I’m not a big reuben sandwich fan, my wife Pam and Herbie McKay, who was at the table next to us when we were there last week, both gave it the thumbs up.    So check it out.

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