Great Granddaddy Austin

If you look closely at the Ridgell family picture in my previous post you’ll note that Great Granddad Austin is sitting a little bit off to himself in the photo.  This bit of picture psychology is probably accurate as I recall Buzzy, Aileen, Cotton and Sister Lorraine all mentioning how ornery the old man was and how he tormented them and vice versa.  (There is even some story about Cotton running an extension cord thru a puddle of water and when Granddaddy Austin sat down on the front porch with the puddle at his feet, Cotton plugged the cord into an outlet and shocked the old man.)  They all mentioned singing the refrain from a pop tune out at the time to Granddaddy Austin “I’ll be glad when you’re dead, you rascal you.”  I you tubed the tune and found this semi-racist Betty Boop cartoon set to Louis Armstrong singing the song in 1932.  (And here we thought MTV invented the music video.)

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