Sister Lorraine

Sister Lorraine Giving Buzzy Advice

Today we bury the last of my Dad’s 12 brothers and sisters as we say goodbye to Sister Lorriane.  Pictured here is Buzzy and Lorraine when they last visited in 2008.  They laughed  and reminisced about the fun they had and trouble they got into growing up on the farm along with all of their brothers and sisters (below.)  In addition to the nine children shown here, two others died in childbirth and two,  Elaine and Madeline died at a young age.  That makes a total of 13 and now, with the passing of Sister Lorraine who was 91, they are all gone.  Very sad.

 Back row: Lester, Manny, Yvonne, Lionel and Cotton;  Front row: Lorraine, Buzzy, Granddaddy, Tinkie, Miss Hattie, Aileen, Great Granddaddy Austin

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