Legendary El-Chucko Concedes

Chuck and Gina

Happy Birthday to Chuck (aka El-Chucko) Mettam who has made it to 60 today.  Chuck tells how he and Pat Woodburn have the same birthday with Chuck arriving 10 minutes before Pat.  Chuck says he used to tease Pat about being first on the scene.  However, after 60 years, Chuck confides that he is ready to relinquish the claim and concede to Pat as to who was here first.  Regardless, Chuck’s wife Gina and daughter Melisa still think Chuck is Number 1.  (Speaking of Number 1, I have an informal ranking of who is involved in most of the “stories” told in Buzzy’s and El-Chucko is ranked right up there along with Dickie Cullison.  Although this may be another area that Chuck would like to concede the honor of being first, I don’t think he’ll ever be able to do so.  After all, when you’re a legend, the stories only seem to grow!)

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