Locksley Hall?

A couple from Pasadena, Maryland were in Buzzy’s yesterday looking for information on a boys school named Locksley Hall that used to be located in the Ridge/Pt. Lookout area in the late 1800’s.  They had a copy of a brochure which advertised the school as having 130 acres, a library, a comfortable dormitory and study rooms and a large assembly hall.  (Note on the brochure to the left the claims of “Salubrious climate, among the pine forests, away from the city and its temptations.”) 
I called my Mom to see if she had heard anything about this school and she came down to the Store bringing Regina Hammet’s History of St. Mary’s with her.  We took turns looking thru Regina’s book, but were unable to find any mention of the school.  I later ran it past Captain Jerry Norris and he also had never heard of it.  Anybody have any info on this? 

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