Foot of the Stage

The other day as I was walking past my neighbors JC and Carole Weigman’s house I noticed something move in their yard.  Laughed when I checked it out to see that they really are ready for Halloween. 
It made me think of “The Year of the Cat, ”  a song that I always thought was about a tourist getting laid.  The tune and imagery would often ran thru my mind whenever Buzzy and I were in some foreign country roaming thru the city and having the local ladies check us out and vice versa (mostly vice versa.)  .  
However, when I did some checking on Mr. Stewart’s song, I unfortunately learned that its genesis involved a down and out comedian who committed suicide click here. Kind of wish that I had never discovered that.  Yet, the following video with all the Casablanca scenes is much more uplifting.  Still a great song regardless what it was really all about.

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