The Old Country Store

Above is The Old Country store in Lorman, Mississippi that is now a restaurant featuring the world’s best fried chicken as certified by none other than Alton Brown (see video below.)  
Leads me to consider that perhaps I should turn Buzzy’s Country Store into a restaurant and feature the world’s best something or other to eat.  
My sons Brady and Shea have created an “Oysters Ridgell” entree that rivals that of the  Oysters Rockafeller fame but that’s a seasonal thing and we couldn’t do it year round.  Crab cakes have been done and fish is so messy to fix, that I’m at a loss to come up with a “signature Buzzy dish.”
I can make a good batch of spaghetti so maybe that’s it – “Buzzy’s Country Store, Home of the World’s Best Spaghetti.”  On second thought – no, that doesn’t sound right either.  Any other suggestions?  And please don’t say – Buzzy’s Road Kill Burgers!

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