Matching Sets

Linda Lepper sent me an email telling me that she found the Maryland Life Magazine containing the Buzzy article in WalMart.  She said she has a  copy of another article on Buzzy’s that appeared in Southern Living several years ago and she had Buzzy sign that one.  She now wants me to sign the one in Maryland Life so she will have a matching set.  Of course I’ll be glad to do so.  (Funny note – I’ve been looking for the magazine in all of the local grocery and drug stores with no luck.  You might know, WalMart’s got the magazine that is carrying an article on a little country store!  Cracks me up.)
But Linda’s request reminded me that Billy Fitzgerald has a matching set of signed Buzzy Country Store pictures.  He brought them down the night of Mike Raley’s birthday party and my daughter Reagan took his picture posing with them.

Buzzy Inscription in Lower left Corner of Mary Lou Picture Above

My inscription on the smaller picture went something along the lines “To Brother Billy, Someone who reminds me of Buzzy.”

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