My Mom and Steve Earle

Seeing this photo  at made me think of Steve Earle’s “Hard Core Troubadour” (video below.)  Some say that Steve wrote this song about Springsteen probably due to the line near the end “Hey Rosalito won’t you come out tonight.”  However, a case could also be made that, given Steve’s background, it is a little autobiographical.

Every so often my Mom will mention John Walker Lindh and wonder how he’s doing.  She’ll then comment about how sorry she feels for his parents.  Lindh was the subject of one of Steve Earle’s more controversial songs (click here for more info.)  When Mom brings up Lindh, I think of the song and tease her that she and Steve Earle are the only ones I know who even care about what happened to Lindh. 
Then just the other day in the Store, Rich Brewer and I were discussing Steve and his music.  Here’s an  article from June 2011 on what Steve has been doing lately click here.

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