Charlie, Ed, Pinky, James and Jack

Ed Greets Charlie 50 Years On

 Here’s a small world story for you.  My cousin Joe White’s brother-in-law is Ed Bogan.  Ed’s wife Elaine and Joe’s wife Pat are sisters and a few years ago we all went on a trip to Europe.  Ed, who now resides in Foley, Alabama, discussed being stationed at Pax River when he was in the Navy and mentioned knowing Charlie Simms and my neighbor Pinky Nagel.  They were all stationed at Pax in the 60’s.
This past Sunday Ed and Elaine came down to Buzzy’s Country Store with Joe and Pat.  When Charlie walked in and Ed introduced himself, Charlie said “VR-1.”  
As Ed and Charlie caught up, I overheard them saying something about a C-130 landing on an aircraft carrier.  Later I asked Charlie if I had heard that correctly and Charlie referenced me to the video below.  Charlie also mentioned knowing the pilot discussed in the video – Lt. James Flatly.
Yesterday in the Store I showed the video to and discussed this with Jack Flatly wondering if perhaps he was related to Lt. James Flatly.  Although they were not related, Jack did know James.  Turns out that Lt. Flatly went on to become Admiral and officiated at one of Jack’s re enlistments.  How’s that for not one, but two Navy related small world stories?! 

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