JM Randalls and The Michael Clark Band

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It was at JM Randalls, a blues club located just up the street from where my cousin used to live in Williamsburg, that I first heard the Michael Clark Band.  Great group, well known in the Richmond – Norfolk area and features Michael’s wife Tracy as lead singer along with a great three piece horn section.  
I thought of them the other day when I heard someone in the Store talk about getting a new pair of shoes.  (See video below as to why I made that association.)  I found their website (above) that featured their appearance schedule and wondered why they were not booked to play at Randalls anytime soon. 
Checking into Randall’s internet sites, I learned that the club has been closed since the first of the year.  Sad story click here of another small business biting the dust.   Only item in the story that made me smile was the following:

“For New Years Eve, Randalls presented  the Michael Clark Band, a longtime local favorite.
“He tore the house down,” Plaxa said. “The kitchen put out this incredible spread. It was like our last hurrah. It was a good night for us.”

Randalls’ rise and fall, as discussed in the article, demonstrates why we should support local entertainers and the clubs/bars that feature them.  Like Joni said “You don’t know what you got ’til its gone.”  Hopefully, Randalls will get a new pair of shoes and reopen again somewhere soon in the Williamsburg area.

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