La Plata Tornado Pt. 2

Following my post yesterday about the 2002 La Plata tornado, my buddy Steve Raley sent me the following note discussing the 1926 tornado that destroyed La Plata and his father George Raley’s reaction to it:
J.Scott, thanks for posting the tornado video on your blog today. Though the video gave me chills and made me a bit sad, it is sometimes good to remember events so we won’t forget them. Back in 2002 I asked my late father George if he wanted me to drive him up to La Plata to see the tornado damage. He told me he had seen enough tornado destruction in his life. He then reflected on the 1926 tornado that hit La Plata and killed 16 people, Thirteen of those were children who were in a La Plata elementary school. Thank God that the 2002 tornado happened on a weekend and ANS was not in session.
Marcia Raley’s Granddad Mr. Bradburn

I found the following article that also discusses the 1926 tornado click here. (As you read about the 1926 tornado, also check out the paragraph discussing the Storm of 1933.  This was the storm that flooded all of Pt. Lookout, RoDo and Scotland Beaches and pretty much everything south of Buzzy’s Country Store.  Mr. Bradburn devotes a chapter in his book to this storm.  I’ll upload it later for you to check out, but got to warn you, just like the La Plata tornado’s, it’s a little frightening to think about how badly nature can kick our you know whats when it chooses to do so.)

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