Bar vs Countertop

Someone asked why I refer to the new bar as a countertop.  I explained that Buzzy’s is a country store  and not a real deal bar.  In fact, I initially hesitated to give JW the greenlight to replace the old countertop.  I was worried that he would conjure up something so nice that it would become the focal point when entering the Store and therefore make it look even more like a bar.  Thus, I’m glad that the new one blends in perfectly. 
Back to whether or not Buzzy’s is a bar, here’s an irony for you.  JW’s wife Susie has only been in Buzzy’s once since I took it over in 2007.  When I saw her somewhere and asked why she hadn’t been in the Store she said, “J. Scott, I don’t do bars.”  I told her, “I don’t have a bar.”  Susie shot back, “Oh yes you do.  And you’re the worst kind of bar owner because you have a bar and don’t even know you have a bar!”  On second thought then, maybe I do have a bar.
Years ago I told Buzzy that he should watch the T-V show Cheers.  When he asked what it was about I told him it was about a guy who had a bar with a bunch of characters hanging around.  Buzzy replied “I don’t need to watch that.  I got that in here every night.”  (I’m thinking Mike Murphy could have been Norm.)

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