Installation of Buzzy’s New Countertop/Bar

This past Saturday morning JW Raley was on the job early at Buzzy’s Country Store as he installed the new countertop.   (He had rebuilt the base for the countertop on Friday save for adding a 2×4 footrest.)
Having just returned from a visit to New Orleans, I was in a move on mode Saturday morning getting ready for the Buzzy Cinco/Derby party later in the day.  Thus, I was glad that Rich Brewer and stepdaughter Jenny were around to help lend JW a hand in putting on the finishing touches.  The Cinco/Derby Party later in the day officially baptized the new top as everyone liked it.  JW did a great job on it and I thank him very much.

JW is not quite finished yet as he wants to replace the 2X4 base with some oak posts that he has located.  I gave him the ok to do so and why not – it’ll be a good excuse to have another christening party.

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